APOGEUM is a group of companies operating since 2006 and performing consulting services on real estate and construction market. The development of the company’s activity resulted in 2010 in the creation of APOGEUM, company being the branch associated with design, geology, geotechnics and environmental protection.

We provide our Clients with competent consulting services on construction lands during all stages of the investment and construction process. Our Clients are covered with professional care from the phase of the land exploration before the purchase, through the conception, design and construction phases, up to the time of utilization. We provide services in terms of geology, geotechnics, engineering geology, hydrogeology and environmental protection. We prepare all documentations in the above-indicated fields, necessary in the course of investment and construction process.


Our services are intended for all participants of the investment and construction process: investors, developers, project managers, architects, designers, engineers, construction sites managers and construction sites inspectors. We are also at the disposal of owners, managers and investors – people whose property is subject to the adverse effects of land or groundwater.

We are currently preparing a wide range of design and as-built documentations within the issues related to the construction land. One of the flagship services of the company is detailing and reassessment of previously conducted geotechnical conditions tests (made by APOGEUM or any other entity) just after the foundation trenches are performed.

This test may save our Clients up many problems and delays related to the ground and foundation works, with minimal initial cost. It may also bring to the investor and general contractor significant cost savings in terms of the modifications in foundations geometry and supporting elements of the construction, as well as changes in the form of low-strength soils strengthening. You can find more information concerning this subject in KNOWLEDGE BASE section.

We specialise also in preparation of geotechnical and construction expert opinions and consulting services in this field. We prepare expert opinions taking into account the increased negative impact, which land has on the construction. We design solutions aiming at the elimination of causes of frost penetrations, permeating, moistening and cracks in the underground parts of buildings.

This filed of company’s activity covers also preparation of analyses, exert opinions and documentations related to: modernization/renovation of existing line facilities and buildings, expansion of landfills, construction of technical infrastructure elements, assessment of the planned investment impact on the surrounding structures, as well as expert opinions detailing or verifying ground conditions in the area of designed strengthening of foundation soil. We encourage you to take a closer look on our OFFER.