In various stages of the investment and construction process, we prepare the following types of studies and documentations:
Within the above-mentioned studies and individual requests we perform different types of field works and laboratory tests, as follows:

  • mechanical and manual drilling
  • dynamic probing DPL, DPH, DPSH, FVT
  • static probing CPT, CPTU
  • test loadings
  • foundation open pits
  • trenches acceptances
  • checking the compaction index of fills
  • analysing the degree of compaction of natural loose soils in trenches
  • NU, NW, NNS sampling of soil for laboratory tests
  • laboratory tests of physical and mechanical properties of the soil
  • sampling of groundwater and surface water, along with the analysis and interpretation of the results (including: physiochemical and bacteriological tests, tests concerning the corrosiveness of water towards concrete and reinforced concrete)
  • complementary and detailing mapping of the retention of low-strength soils groundwater table
  • pumping tests
  • drainages

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